What’s In Your Beef?

What’s In Your Beef?

Recently there has been a lot of talk, articles and news clips about the infamous “Pink Slime.” We wrote several articles on the subject. If you missed them check them out.

Without even knowing what exactly makes up the pink slime it doesn’t sound appetizing and then learning about it makes it that much worse. For some they wouldn’t want to eat meat anymore or at least they wouldn’t want to eat beef that could potentially have this horrific filler. If you would prefer to eat beef that you know what is in it and even know where the cow came from you are at the right place!

At Texas Better Beef there is NO pink slime, NO growth hormones, NO Antibiotics and NO feedlot! At Texas Better Beef we know the history of each of our cows since they are born and raised on our ranch. They are happy cows roaming our open pastures, eating GRASS, drinking fresh, clean water and enjoying the wide open skies.

The great thing is that you can get this high quality farm fresh beef at grocery store pricing! Remember you are what you eat, the choice is yours.

ACT NOW beef prices are rising!

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