This is a story about lobsters and Scilly Cay Restaurant in Anguilla. Here in New England we pride ourselves on our fine cold water lobsters.  I have wondered more than once about the person or group of people who first saw a lobster and thought it would be good to eat.  At one point lobsters were so plentiful they were not an extravagance.  That is no longer true.  Now we know how good the meat is and have tasted many ways of eating one.  Eating a lobster, or should I say, knowing how to eat a lobster is an art.  Most people eat the tails and are done with it. They are rookie’s.  Some eat the tail and the claws, they are the minor league-rs.  A true lobster lovers knows how to get each tiny bit of flavor out of the crustacean before they are done. What part of the lobster do you love the best? 


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Scilly Cay Restaurant in Anguilla is one of those special restaurants in the world that combine great food with great atmosphere and throw in some great cocktails and a great band.  You can not beat this.  The food at Scilly Cay Restaurant is considered some of the best in all the Caribbean. Anguilla has long been knows as the best place in the Caribbean to eat.  The beautiful beaches and the safe, secure and laid back atmosphere of Anguilla has made it the stomping ground for celebrity and the wealthy who just want to get away and don’t want to be bothered.  Anguilla is a community that is safe, secure environment, the government and economy are stable and strong. This is a great place to own or lease a long term rental vacation home

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When you get here one of the first places you want to go for lunch or dinner is Scilly Cay Restaurant.  The rum punch is superb and the food is fresh and exquisitely prepared.  Since electricity is not how they cook at Scilly Cay Restaurant, the food comes out with a distinctive and truly native taste.   Scilly Cay Restaurant is a not to be missed experience.  And when you are looking for a home or a long term lease in the paradise named Anguilla, give me a call and I can tell you more.   210-860-1775

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