Beef Prices Are On The Rise

texas better beefBeef Prices are on the Rise

Beef prices are on the rise as we saw retail beef prices increase about 10% last year and it is predicted they will increase another 3-5% this year.

Why Beef Prices are on the Rise

The reason is very simple, supply and demand. The demand for beef is growing while the supply of cattle is at a 60-year record low and cow numbers continue to drop. A lot of this is due to the historic drought which caused cattle ranchers to run out of grass and forage to feed their cows and in some cases the ranchers had to liquidate their herds. Because of the drought not only were food supplies down but the prices for ranchers to purchase crop to feed their cattle were up.

What are your Options since Beef Prices are on the Rise

Wagyu beef!!! Although beef prices are on the rise Texas Better Beef is doing their best to hold their beef prices. Not only are their beef prices holding but you won’t find a better piece of meat! Texas Better Beef raises Wagyu cattle which is known for its marbling characteristics, naturally enhanced flavors, tenderness and juiciness leading to a better eating quality of meat. Not only do these cattle produce arguably the finest beef in the world but it is some of the healthiest.

Why is the beef we sell so Healthy? grass fed beef

- Grass Fed Beef

-Our Wagyu cattle are hormone free

-Our cattle are antibiotic free

Beef prices are on the rise and what you will pay more for doesn’t offer the quality, healthiness or taste that Texas Better Beef does. Buy your beef from Texas Better Beef where they offer beef that is healthier, a better quality, and tastier at the same price they always have!