How to Order .. Wagyu Beef .. Texas Better Beef .. Better Beef

How to Order  ..  Wagyu Beef  ..  Texas Better Beef  .. Better Beef

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                     Texas Better Beef






* No Feed Lots …..  We Pasture graze our Beef

* Good clean clear water

* No Antibiotics

 * No Hormones

 * Lower in Fat, Lower in Calories than Grain Fed Beef

                        – A 6 Ounce Beef Loin from a Grass Fed Cow may have 92 fewer calories than a 6 Ounce Loin from a Grain Fed Cow

* Higher in Omega-3 – 3X Higher than Grain Fed Beef

* Higher Levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – 5X More than Grain Fed Beef

 * More Vitamin E – 5X More than Grain Fed Beef

 * More Beta-Carotene – 4X Higher than Grain Fed Beef


Wagyu Beef  ..  Texas Better Beef  .. Better Beef


Best of Beef

Best of Beef

F&W gives a lesson on how to decipher the lingo.

 By Kristin Donnelly

From lean grass-fed meat to ultrarich wagyu, beef has become a food obsession. Wagyu Wagyu literally means “Japanese cattle.” There are several breeds. Prized for its melt-in-the mouth marbling, it’s so rich it’s often sold by the ounce. True Japanese 100 percent wagyu beef is now coming to the United States after a ban was lifted last year. Kobe True Kobe beef, famed for its incredible marbling, is from Japan’s Hyogo prefecture (Kobe is the capital). A very limited amount of Kobe is exported to the United States. The “American Kobe” that appears on some menus is usually a cross between wagyu and Angus.



USDA Prime The USDA’s top level, awarded to beef with the most marbling. About 2 percent of beef is graded prime; most goes to restaurants.

Choice is the next best level.

Japanese Grade 12 Japan grades its beef on a scale of 1 to 12; the most densely marbled meat receives a 12. Most USDA prime cuts would rate between 4 and 6 in this system.

 Labeling Natural

 Also referred to as “all-natural,” the beef must contain no artificial ingredients, like added colors, flavors or preservatives.

Certified Organic

Feed must be vegetarian and grown without pesticides. Cattle have access to the outdoors and cannot be given hormones or antibiotics.

Certified Humane

 Cattle have access to clean food and water, sufficient protection from harsh elements and enough space to move around naturally. They receive antibiotics only when sick, and no hormones.

Wet- vs. Dry-Aging

Wet-aged beef is vacuum-sealed and aged for up to several weeks, which helps tenderize it.

 Dry-aged beef is hung in a cold, moderately humid space to tenderize it and concentrate its flavor; the beef loses weight through evaporation as it hangs, so it’s more expensive. At steak houses, 21 days of dry-aging is standard.

 Taste Test:

Grass-Fed Steak All beef cattle are raised on grass; most are fattened with grain or corn for several months before slaughter. But a growing number of ranchers are raising cattle exclusively on grass. They say it’s better for the environment, the animal and the person who eats the beef. Grass-fed steaks (sometimes called “grass-finished”) are leaner; they’re also higher in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. In an F&W taste test of grass-fed rib eyes, we found the flavor can vary, from pleasantly herbal to unappealingly gamey.

Food and Wine


Wagyu Beef .. Information

Wagyu Beef .. Information


Kobe beef, originating in Kobe, Japan, refers to meat from Wagyu cattle. “Wa” means things that are Japanese and “gyu” means cattle or beef. One reason Kobe beef is so desired is because of the high level of marbling in the meat. Kobe beef can be found in American restaurants, but Kobe-style beef is also available in the U.S. Kobe-style beef comes from Wagyu cattle cross-bred with Angus cattle and was created to meet consumer demand.


Menus may not specify where the Kobe beef originated, but both Japanese Wagyu and American-style Kobe beef are similar in nutrient content. According to My Fitness Pal, a 4-ounce serving of Japanese Kobe beef is approximately 280 calories, compared to 330 calories in a 4-ounce serving of American Kobe-style beef.


Kobe beef, like many meats, is a good source of protein, providing 22 grams per Wagyu serving and 18 grams per American-style serving. Protein performs many important functions in your body, such as repairing and building tissues, and is found in every cell.


Iron is an essential mineral because your body uses it to make the part of red blood cells that carries oxygen to your tissues, called hemoglobin. Thus, eating foods rich in iron such as Kobe beef is important. Each serving of Kobe beef provides approximately 10 percent of the recommend daily value of iron, regardless of the type.


Kobe beef contains more fat than other cuts of beef. Wagyu Kobe beef contains 20 grams of fat and 8 grams saturated fat. American Kobe beef contains 28 grams of fat, 11 grams saturated fat and 1.5 grams trans fat per serving. But in moderation, this beef can fit into your healthy diet. In fact, your body needs some fat to protect organs, insulate your body and provide energy for exercise.


There is a modest amount of sodium naturally in Kobe beef. Wagyu Kobe beef contains approximately 60 grams of sodium while American Kobe beef contains 75. Although some people are salt-sensitive and need to watch their sodium intake, your body does require some sodium. In fact, sodium helps maintain fluid balance, plays a role in cooling your body when you sweat and helps transmit nerve impulses.

Wagyu Beef .. Information

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Wagyu Beef .. Better Beef

Wagyu Beef  ..  Better Beef

This beef is said to very beneficial for human consumption and is termed as the healthier type of meat.

It is said to have higher rate of monounsaturated fat and forty percent of it is stearic acid which is said to have a minimum impact on raising cholesterol levels. People just love to eat the Wagyu steaks. Wagyu meat is said to contain a type of fatty acid that is very good and has shown potent anti-carcinogenic properties and is also an anti-inflammatory agent. This is known as CLA and stands for Conjugated Linoleic acid. It has qualities that reduce heart disease, diabetes and also asthma. It has miraculous qualities in reducing body fat and increases the immune system that helps it fight many diseases and is surely very beneficial for human health. Wagyu beef products contain the highest amount of CLA and this can be found more in the dairy products.CLA is said to have long tern benefits for human health in the future. Wagyu beef won the best beef award in Adelaide Australia. Actually Wagyu animals were used for agriculture and were selected for their physical endurance. It has more intra muscular fat cells which provide a good energy source. The Japanese government has banned the export of Wagyu cattle consider these cattle a National Treasure. But later on four cattle, two males and two females were exported in US and they were breed in California and Australia. And know Australia has become the clean bred supplier of Wagyu beef today. Wagyu meat has a very fine texture and the carcass have a high yield. These bulls are very fertile and they are very versatile in environmental adaptation from Australia to Tasmania. In the early days eating beef was banned in Japan and it was at the turn of the 20th century that people started eating it and became aware of its high quality and taste and also learnt the benefits. The positive effects of these meat are that as they are fed on dried grass there are reduced chances of coli contamination and more researches are evolving and easing the old concept of no fat diet and people are becoming aware of the positive effects of fat on our over all body. Latest researches prove that eating mono saturated fatty acids is much better for your heart than eating special diets with lean products and it also melts at room temperature. Because of its unique qualities it can be heated by heart patients as it is part of a well balanced diet with the right kind of fat. Article Source:

Wagyu Beef is Beneficial to Human Health

Wagyu Beef .. Better Beef


Wagyu Beef .. Texas Better Beef

Wagyu Beef  .. Texas Better Beef

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